Fabric Pin-up & Display Boards

Scholar Art Pin-up & Bulletin Boards (Display Boards) are premium-quality essentials for staying organized and well-planned at home, office, coaching and schools. Our fabric pin-up & display boards consist of a high-end fabric (of velvet, wool, synthetic or polyester), that is specifically tailored for pinning and display requirements. As the name implies, the pin-up surface is ideal for sticking photographs, planners, quotes, to-do lists or other notes & charts with the help of push pins or thumb tacks for ready access. The fabric of our pin-up, display and bulletin boards is carefully engineered to give it great tear-strength, tacking-strength, odor-resistance and fungi-resistance, practically making the boards a life-long asset. The frame is built from alloy aluminium 6063-T6 with top-end anodizing, to impart unmatched bending strength and stiffness to the board. The corners are made up of injection-molded virgin ABS for a seamless finish and superior looks. The core is built from a medium-density soft board (SB) to ensure that the documents are held onto the board’s surface securely and firmly, and do not fall-off on their own. All our pin-up and display boards are lightweight, long-lasting and sturdy with a non-fading, non-corrosive, termite-proof and low-maintenance surface. Hence, these display boards are ideal for kids, home, office & school. To know more about different types of boards that we make and materials that we use, get in touch with us.

Versatile & Vibrant Pin-up
Display Boards

Hassle-free Installation
Using Built-in Hangers

Ideal for Kids, Home,
Office and School

Available in Multiple
Frame Options

Available in Medium-
density Soft Board Core

Fabric/Cork Surface

Premium Fabric Pin-up Boards

Fabric Pin-up Board - Features

Frame Options

Fabric Pin-up Board Frame - Iris
Frame - Iris
Premium Heavy-duty Frame 
(1.20 mm Thick)
Fabric Pin-up Board Frame - Alfa
Frame - Alfa
Premium Heavy-duty Frame
(1.00 mm Thick)
Fabric Pin-up Board Frame - Hexa
Frame - Hexa
Economical Light-duty Frame
(0.80 mm Thick)
Fabric Pin-up Board Frame - Lexis
Frame - Lexis
Economical Medium-duty Frame
(0.75 mm Thick)
Fabric Pin-up Board Frame - Metis
Frame - Metis
Economical Ultra-light Frame
(0.55 mm Thick)
Fabric Pin-up Board Frame - Spectra
Frame - Spectra
Economical Ultra-light Frame
(0.45 mm Thick)
Fabric Pin-up Board Frame - Wooden
Frame - Wooden
Pine Wood Frame
(40×18 mm Thick)

Core Options

Core - SB
SB (Soft Board)
Medium-density, Warp-free & Pierceable Core.

Size Options

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understandable if you feel overwhelmed. Get in touch with us to know more about different options.

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