Cotton Canvas Rolls

Scholar Art Cotton Rolled Canvases are all-media painting canvas rolls that provide an exceptional medium to inspire creativity at every stage of the painting process for artistic mastery. All Scholar Art canvas rolls are hand-crafted in India by the finest canvas makers. An outcome of carefully & responsibly selected materials, seasoned craftsmanship and over 40 years of experience, our canvas rolls will surely turn your painting experience into a memorable one. Each canvas roll is manufactured by engineered coating of responsibly sourced primers & chemicals onto a 100% natural cotton canvas, to give you an absorption-free, wrinkle-free & crack-resisting painting surface, that can be easily trimmed, stretched, mounted and framed to any size, without having to worry about the cloth getting ripped off as we make use of only high tear-strength fabric for our products. Our canvas rolls are available in multiple primed fabric variants (different Oz and GSM combinations) in fine-grain, medium-grain or coarse-grain textures, with an option to choose from multiple widths (12 Inches to 84 Inches) and multiple cut lengths (05m, 10m, 50m or 100m). This allows seasoned artists, professionals and studios to choose a canvas roll that best fits their requirement. We use proprietary coating techniques along with safe, non-toxic & globally approved chemicals to make an acid-free titanium acrylic gesso, and double-prime our canvas fabric with it. An archival quality painting surface (available in fine-grain, medium-grain & coarse grain textures) allows the brush to glide smoothly, holds the paint together and facilitates effective layering, ultimately giving you a seamless painting experience. To know more about our painting canvases get in touch with us.

Ideal for Oil, Acrylic &
Alkyd Colors

Spot-free, Wrinkle-free &
Smooth Canvas

Ideal for Artists,
Professionals & Studios

Non-toxic, Non-acidic &
Safe Coatings

Available in Multiple
Finishes & Textures

Responsibly Sourced,
Carefully Made

Premium Quality Canvas Rolls

Why Scholar Art Canvas Rolls?​

100% Cotton Canvas
All-media premium natural cotton primed canvas rolls, ideal for multiple painting techniques, including heavy color application.
Primed & Ready to Use

Double-primed with acid-free
titanium acrylic gesso (machine-coated), so that you can start painting
instantly, without further preparation.

Medium-grain Texture
Available in fine-grain, medium-grain & coarse-grain textures to give artists the complete control over each & every element of their painting.
Multiple Finishes
Available in 4 Oz, 07 Oz, 10 Oz & 12 Oz finishes, to give artists the option of choosing a fabric that resonates with their art style & need.
Multiple Lengths
cut lengths to save artists from the trouble of reordering & restocking frequently used fabrics.
Multiple Widths
Available in 12″ to 84″ cut widths to give artists the liberty of not having to limit their imagination while deciding the next project.

Size Options

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