About Us

What We Do?

Scholar Art is one of the leading brands of office & art supplies in India. We provide a vast array of products (writing boards, display
boards & fine art supplies) to educational institutions, government, businesses and end customers.

With its in-house end-to-end panel processing, metal processing, fabric processing, coating & gluing, plastic molding & assembly lines, Scholar Art is a direct-from-factory brand that exercises full control over designing, sourcing, production & operations, and provides unmatched quality & innovative solutions to its customers. As a brand we have direct sales (via dealers & distributors) as well as indirect sales (via e-commerce marketplaces & company portal) marketing models to cater to the needs of B2B and B2C buyers with the same level of service promptness and quality. Read further to know about our manufacturing capabilities, leadership & commitment.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the highest-quality writing, display & fine art products for personal, educational and professional use, to customers across the world.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be an esteemed organization in our current and the future line of products, that is known and remembered for its remarkable quality, innovative practices & dedicated team.

Our Values

Our acts and decisions are driven & guided by a simple and straightforward ‘four-points’ value system, that acts like a rule book to our leaders at different levels of the organization.


For us means doing the right thing even when no one is watching.


For us is an attitude that transforms the average into the best.


For us means saying what we do, and doing what we say, at all times.

Customer Obsession

For us means putting the customer before everything and everyone.

Our Story

Our story is just another start-up tale. From operating out of a rented basement shop to developing one of the finest panel processing, metal processing, fabric processing and coating & gluing lines of the industry, Scholar Art has come a long way.

What started as a small shop, offering customized furniture (writing boards, display boards & classroom furniture) to near-by schools & colleges in 1985, became one of the largest manufacturers of writing & display solutions in India two decades later. After setting a firm base in the writing & display systems industry, the Company diversified its manufacturing operations into fabric coating & fabric processing to make premium-quality fine art products for students, designers & artists. Today, the brand offers an array of high-quality Whiteboards, Chalkboards, Pin-up Boards, Primed Painting Canvases and Painting & Display Easels to customers across the world. Having earned the trust of more than five million satisfied users over the last thirty years, Scholar Art today represents a lot more than just a premium brand of product that it sells – care, consistency and customer obsession.

Yes, the size and scale of this organization have grown bigger since its inception, but at the core we are and will always be that small start-up that would care for its products, people and customers like one else would.

Our Company

Our Company is nothing but a mix of hardworking individuals, years of experience, honest & friendly business policies and never ending love for customers & our products. Read further to know about how we operate.

M/s S. S. Combines, the Company that manufactures and sells Scholar Art branded products was founded in the year 1985 in Indore by two long time friends – Mr. Manoj Jain and Mr. Nitin Raut. Technocrats by knowledge and perfectionists by nature, the founders established a strong value system and standardized culture that would later become the foundation of one the largest office & at supplies brands in India. Today, Scholar Art collectively represents a team of over 150 people, three manufacturing units, over 500 product variants, about 50 dealers across India and millions of satisfied consumers.

How is all of this managed, on a daily basis? We deploy a standardized process-driven system for operations, manufacturing, distribution, sales and customer service. The system works within the framework of our values and performance standards. Here is a brief about our plant, people and processes.

Our Production

Our ability to think, design & make innovative & premium-quality products is only possible because there is a robust production infrastructure with the best of people, machines & technology, that backs each development project with ease.

Situated over an area of 80,000 Sq. Ft., our manufacturing facility is equipped with metal, plastic, wood & fabric processing machinery & equipment.

The panel processing shop has CNC panel cutting saws, manual and CNC metal cutting saws, manual and CNC edge banding machines, CNC routers, CNC gluing & pressing line, manual and CNC coil/sheet cutting machines as well as cold & hot roller presses, that can collectively process a wide variety of engineered woods and metals and turn them into a plethora of panels for writing & display purposes. The plastic moulding shop has CNC injection moulding machines, plastic crushers, heaters & mixers, that together with our inhouse plastic part design & die development expertise, allow us to process almost all engineering plastics into useful product accessories, supports & joinery. The woodworking shop has spindle moulders, wood planers, wood cutters and sanders, that are used to process hard woods & soft woods into finished articles of wood such as frames, stretchers & easels.

The fabric & canvas processing shop consists of a wide belt stenter machine (acrylic gesso coating machine) and fabric cutting & slitting machines that allow to convert unprimed cotton duck canvas into primed (coated) painting canvases (canvas boards, canvas stretchers & canvas rolls).

Our Leadership

Our forward-looking management team consists of experienced, dedicated & driven individuals, who collectively ensure that
the organization steers in the right direction. Read further to know more about leaders.

Mahendra Pisal
VP - Production

Shailendra Kataria
VP - Operations

Ashish Sarkar

Nitin Gedam

Vivek Joshi
Accounts And Finance

Rajesh Kumar
Human Resources

Our People

Our greatest strength is and will always be our people who have contributed their time & countless efforts for the organization. It is a result of this dedication that today we are a team of 150+ focused individuals.

We are a team of 150+ people, all aligned towards achieving the same goal and working hard to keep on our promises while exceeding the customer’s expectations. Our shop-floor personnel consists of a mix of highly-skilled and semi-skilled labor, holding ITI certifications for their respective skills. Our management personnel consists of a mix of technical, managerial and artistic experts, with different levels of experience and qualification.

We believe in working with a flat organizational structure with more cross-functional teams (CFTs) and open & easy top-bottom as well as bottom-top communication systems. The organization is divided into the following sub-domains – Production, Operations, IT, Sales, Branding & Marketing, R&D, Finance & Accounts and Human Resources, each having its own jurisdiction but bound by the Company’s values and standard protocols.

We believe in equal opportunities for all, and do not discriminate against our employees, customers or vendors on the basis of age, gender, color, race, religion or political inclination.

Our Processes

Our promise to deliver on the commitments, is possible only when the whole system runs like a single, smooth & automatic machine, where each part fulfills its objective. A set of defined processes in place ensures this at Scholar Art.

We proudly offer 100% Satisfaction Guarantee to our customers on purchases of all nature and scale. How do we make it possible? We completely trust our internal systems with their ability to fulfill the product and service commitments in the specified time and quality. With years of experience and thousands of feedback calls, we’ve optimized our processes to make business smooth and exceed the expectations of our customers.

Standard Products

We apply the principle of standardization to the raw materials that we use and the products that we make. This allows buyers to choose from an elaborate product pool, and allows us to provide much better product & service quality.

Standard Packaging

We deploy an industry-leading multi-layer packaging scheme consisting of shrink-wraps, bubble-wraps, paper edge protectors and corrugates, for complete protection against dust, water, stacking & road shocks.

Standard Shipping

We have established partnerships with top logistics companies like FedEx, Rivigo & Delhivery for shipping B2C
as well as B2B loads to more than 15000 pin codes across India, as well as global consignments.


We rely on the most modern tools & techniques to come up with the safest, sturdiest and simplest product designs. We extensively use CAD & CAE softwares like Solidworks for engineering design, analysis as well as production.


We manage all our business processes on Odoo (ERP), which allows us to keep our vendors, customers and employees seamlessly connected & informed in real-time, while empowering us to operate efficiently.

Multi Channel Sales

Nothing beats the ease & speed of ordering products online, but at the same time nothing can beat the feel of buying a product offline. We understand the importance of each, and offer our products on online as well as offline channels.

Effective Management

We may be an old organization by age, but we still function like a start-up that turns every problem into a challenge, and each challenge is addressed with full focus and energy by the team, till it is completely resolved to our satisfaction.

Efficient Supply Chain

We have, through 30 years of learning from our mistakes, a highly optimized chain of sourcing, manufacturing & supply, that can adapt and cater to the requirements of our retail, bulk & government project buyers swiftly.

Need to Know More?

We’ll be happy to share more about our company, people and products. Please call us, write to us or schedule a meeting with our sales team for more details.